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The (1) Trichocereus LUMBER JACK x JUULS GIANT cross TOP CUT cacti is about 9 1/2 to 10″ inches each in length and around 10 to 14 oz total weight, with about 6″ to 7″ circumferences.

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BUY Cactus~Trichocereus LUMBER JACK x JUULS GIANT cross Top Cutting cacti ~ Lot-X




The Trichocereus LUMBER JACK x JUULS GIANT cross (1) TOP CUT cacti is about 9 1/2″ to 10″ inches in length and around 10 to 14 ounces total weight, with about 6″ to 7″ circumferences. This cut may have some minor issues like scaring/dings, black spots or tip yellowing/new growth, etc. The ones pictured may be substituted with similar or better cuts… (soda can/ props not included; appearances may vary slightly from photos due to new growth, etc). Greenhouse grown with no chemicals or pesticides. These beauties only drank good rain water.

Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Do be aware that items of this sort CAN NOT be returned due to its perishable nature or buyers failure to properly care/ grow them, etc.


Buyers Note:

The cuttings you purchase will include basic planting instructions/care. The cutting may be freshly cut and/or may need additional time to dry cure or fully scab over before planting.

No guarantees can be made regarding how well a plant will do given the many variables to each buyers location, attention to care or factors unforeseeable, etc.

You may encounter common mold at the cut end of your cacti… this is vary normal. Mold is found all over the earth including Antarctica to the Sahara desert… even on day old bread.

You may see black, white, green, red or orange spotted color mold… this mold rarely affect your plant. Do be aware of any brown/mushy spots though. Contact us before you attempt to butcher/cut away at your cactus, etc so we can better direct you to the least invasive remedy possible.

As good practice all newly acquired plants should be held alone in quarantine for at least 2 weeks. All cuttings we provide have no roots or soil to reduce any soil borne issues. Every cutting gets dunked/ put in a sterilizing solution, allowed to dry and then hand inspected before they are shipped out. Sometimes the boxed cactus can develop minor mold due to the changes of climate during shipment. A quick dunking into a dilute solution of hydrogen peroxide, iodine or household bleach water, (about 1 Tbs sterilizer to 1 cup water) then drying of the cutting should help keep any mold in check.

If you have any issues or other questions about your new purchase please let us know… we are glad to help.


T- Pachanoi cacti make vary large fragrant night blooming flowers a few times a year and are quite insect resistant too. They tolerate poor soil and little water, also they have been known to top upwards 40 feet!!! Yeah… GIANT!

You might expect growth anywhere from 1′ foot to perhaps even 24″ a year per rooted cutting. Be sure the soil you use is well draining and won’t pool water, such as 50/50 of Perlite & rich potting soil. Keep the moisture low till roots take well. Roots are ready for deep watering when you can lift the pot by the cacti itself. I found partial shade and twice monthly deep summer watering works great. Let the soil dry between watering or you risk root rot. If you get any mushy brown spots cut it out or off quickly, dry and re-root if necessary. Black spots or dry brown scabs are no big deal other than cosmetic, so don’t sweat it too much. Have fun and enjoy your beautiful Pachanoi Cactus.


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